Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to organise a birthday party in just ONE day!

Hello! I thought I would write about this to explain the entire story to my creation! (it's a long one:)) and it is also about time i used my blog again!

Yesterday Hubby reminded me that it was just 13 days till my youngest son's 5th Birthday (YIKES!) and I had failed as a mumma to arrange a party earlier and get invites out and time had definitely snuck up on me :)

Sooooo....My youngest son has had a thing about painting plaster objects and there has been a great place (or so I've heard) opened up just near our today set the task of getting a party together for him...

1) 8am Posted on Facebook in our school group the names of all the kids he wanted to invite (as of course I don't know who is who!)
2) By 10.30am this was sorted (everyone was friends) message sent, and at the same time message sent to the plaster place to see times they had available...
3) between 10.30am and 11.30am with a bit of back and forth we came up with a date and time that all were happy with and was available at the plaster place YIPEE!
4) Plaster place booked..invites downloaded from their website at 9pm tonight

NOW as a crafty mum I know my little one was expecting something "handmade" as has been asking all week "have you made my invites yet mum". So couldn't let the invite printed as is stay like that!

I shrunk it in word, added a dashed border and printed...
I then stuck to some blue card stock, added some enamel dots, a stamped 5 and coloured that in!

PRESTO! by 10.00pm it is complete! A little rough but i have managed to get something together for his 5th birthday..and he will be ever so excited xx

So that has been my day (while working as well :)) and it must be bed time! So if your in need of a party planner to organise a party in a day..JUST ASK ME! :)

 Kerry xx

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