Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sketch Hop challange with Crafty Card Gallery

Hi! Welcome to the Sketch blog hop! The purpose of this hop is to show how all of these talented bloggers can take the same sketch and come up with totally different cards. If you've never used a card sketch before, give it a try! Be sure to check back on Sunday, as there will be some bloggers posting cards on day 2. So sit back & be inspired! If you came from Beth then you are in the right place :)

Here is the sketch we had to work with and be inspired by
I have done two cards for this challange and because of family commitments with moving house I decided to post them both today. The first one I tried to stick to the sketch it is

The second on I flipped the sketch on the side and changed a few of the elements positions to come up with a completly different card. Here it is

I love sketches. I am not to sure how many of you know but I sell my cards and sketches always helps kick start my creativity when making them as there is so many possibilities. I usually use one sketch a night and come up with about 5 different cards...and more in mind. If you have not used sketches yet, I encourage you to as it will help you to explore new ideas and get more creative with your cards.
I hope you enjoyed my cards. Your next stop will be the lovely Lynda

Here is a list in case you get lost :)















Friday, September 9, 2011

Cleaning up and moving out!

It's been a while I know, but I have been extremely busy packing up and cleaning out the house as we move into our new home in 2 weeks Yipeeeee! It's been a long 2 1/2 years wait for this and its finally coming to be real! So my craft room has been one major headache for packing not only because the amount of stuff I have but it seems to have spread itself over the whole room. Quite a few weeks ago with the Crafty Card Gallery blog I showed you all how i kept my scraps in order....well as I was cleaning up I found box after box, and jar of ribbons and thought I should do something about it :)....after a little research on the net and asking around I came up with this (I got the idea from a blog where the lady had them in plastic draws..sorry but I can't remember where i saw it !). I just happened to have a toolbox organiser sorter that I was going to give o hubby for his nails etc or throw away and i figured I could use that...I took out all the dividers and presto my very own ribbon holder, that I reakon will fit about 200 different ribbons in it ,about 1-5 yards of each ribbon. I rolled each ribbon onto heavy chipboard that I had cut 2 x 2 1/2 inches each..a bit time consuming but I must say this system is working and all my ribbons are in one place(only problem is I need another one as this one is full LOL!) So here it is....

Now I also have some other news today and that is when the next update of the Crafty Card Gallery hits your phone, Jennifer asked me to be the designer of the month. I was so excited when she asked me and I hope it gives you a bit more of an insight into my crazy crafting world :) thankyou Jennifer for choosing me :)
Hopefully it won't be too long till I find the time to log on again and show you what i have been up to with my cards and fact next weekend is another blog hop with the Crafty Card Gallery girls, a sketch hop so you will see a post from me then :)

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